Sunday, January 10, 2016


Hello Everybody!

I hope you all had a wonderful break.!
We are working hard on word problems, addition and subtraction in math. The students are using various strategies to solve problems. Also, we are beginning a new unit focusing on collecting and recording data,using the number line, time and money. We will learn games to develop our math skills.

We have been writing, sharing and discussing stories that the students wrote. The observations are insightful and fun to hear!

In science we are learning about animals and living/non living things. This unit of study is new to us this year and proves to be very interesting. The students love it!

Our reading continues to improve as the book levels get more challenging.It is great to see their confidence increasing when starting to use reading strategies. I am very proud of the students!

I am also proud to announce that all students have been SUPERSTARS and we are doing a second round!! Wednesday is a half day.

We are currently working on i pads and will be videoing a book talk soon!
That's it for now! I enjoy each day with this very special class!

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